Summmer Intensive Classes 2020 2 - Dr.Adam W.

Category: Specialized Subjects, Credit : 1,   

Intensive summer lecture, time: 10:30-17:50, September 17&18 
Instructor: Adam Weitemier 
Subtitle: Neurobiology of the locus coeruleus norepinephrine system 

Course Description

The locus coeruleus (the “blue spot”) is a small nucleus on either side of the vertebrate hindbrain. Its primary neurotransmitter 
is norepinephrine (NE). Through extensive neuronal projections, NE output from the locus coeruleus influences fundamental 
bodily functions, emotional responses, and cognition. Although the locus coeruleus NE system is the longest and most well-
studied neuronal system, current research continues to make new discoveries about its role in brain function and behavior. 
This course will take a student-interactive approach to explore fundamental and current knowledge about the locus coeruleus 
NE system. We will consider current topics and future questions through the lens of recent studies that are conducted from 
different biological perspectives. 


By taking thStudents  taking  this  course  will  gain  an  understanding  and  perspective  on  the  importance  of  NE  (and  related  systems)  in  
physiology and behavior. They will be able to use the knowledge that they gain in this course to guide future learning about 
the diversity of brain function.  

Tentative Course Schedule

Day 1: 
• Background lectures:   
Anatomy, pharmacology and physiology of the Locus Coeruleus NE system   (class activity) 
Behavioral and Cognitive Theories of Locus Coeruleus NE function 
• Research Paper I: A dynamic role of the locus coeruleus in emotion and learning   
• Mid-course Assignment 

Day 2: 
• Class activity I: Assignment Review   
• Research Paper II: NE and non-neuronal brain functions 
• Quiz

out of class activity requirement

One mid-course assignment 


Research articles to be distributed throughout the course 


Attendance - 10%, Quiz - 30%, Assigned work - 30%, Participation - 30% 

Office hour

Available for questions/comments via KIBAKO online system 

Required background knowledge

Knowledge in biology, basic physiology or neurobiology
For questions, email to Dr. Kanae Ando .