The following is an example of the lectures and seminars that will be provided in English. A variety of humanities courses will be also provided in English and can be included in the 124 credits required for graduation.

Professors & Research Fields

Refer to Graduate School of Science Department of Biological Sciences

Course Curriculum

Classification 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
Basic & Liberal Arts Freshman Seminar , Languages
Humanities & Social Sciences , Science & Engineering , Urban Environmental Sciences
Core Requirement Laboratory Course in Elementary Biology 1
Laboratory Course in Elementary Biology 2
Laboratory Course in General Biology 1
Laboratory Course in General Biology 2
  Graduate Research in Biology 1
Graduate Research in Biology 2
Introduction General Biology ⅠB
General Biology ⅡB
General Taxonomy
General Physiology
General Genetics 1
General Genetics 2
eneral Developmental Biology 1
General Developmental Biology 2
eneral Biochemistry 1
General Biochemistry 2
General Ecology 1
General Ecology 2
Practices in Biology 1
Practices in Biology 2
Lectures , Seminars     Taxonomy, Ecology
Biodiversity, Evolutionary Biology
Cell Biology, Neuroscience
Biochemistry, Biological Information
Developmental Biologys, Genetics
Molecular Biology, Gene Science
Genome Science, Special Lecture in Biology
Practice in Biological English
Laboratory Course     Laboratory Course in Taxonomy, Laboratory Course in Evolutionary Biology
Laboratory Course in Developmental Biology, Laboratory Course in Cell Biology
Laboratory Course in Ecology, Laboratory Course in Genetics
Laboratory Course in Biochemistry, Laboratory Course in Neuroscience
Laboratory Course in Molecular Biology, Laboratory Course in Physiology
Laboratory Course for Radio Isotope in Biology
Field Practice/work Internship     Field Practice of Plant Taxonomy,
Marine Biology Course (General Biology)
Field Practice of Animal Taxonomy
Marine Biology Course (Physiology & Developmental Biology)
Field Work in Ecology
Internship in Biology

A View of Our Classroom

Laboratory Course
in General Biology
Introductory courses designed to
help you choose your research field.
Field Practice of
Plant Taxonomy
Experience field work
with professional researchers.
Independent Research Course
in Biology
Let's turn your questions into
valid scientific research.