Tokyo Metropolitan University is located in the quiet suburb of Hachioji, near Tokyo (about 60 min from Tokyo).

Life Support

The International Center > here
The staff of the International Center is ready to fully support students who come from around the world to meet their various needs and offers a good environment for student life.
- Housing
- Visa
- Scholarship
- Health Insurance
- Language Support, etc

Office of Biology English Program

There is a dedicated office on Biology English Program where undergraduate students, graduate students as well as professors stop by to rend Biological English books and ask for in-school procedures.

Cafeteria on the campus

Opening hours depend on the university schedule.
University Co-op  
Tom’s House       
acorn café 

Also outside the campus, there are many restaurants and cafeterias around Minami-osawa station.


There is Ito Yokado, a large supermarket, in front of Minami-Osawa station. At Ito Yokado, You can buy most items such as food, clothing, dishes, futon and etc.