Special lectures for high school students

On December 27th, 2021, special lectures for high school students were held. Following are comments by teaching assistants who supported the classes.

■ Human biology (by: Dr. K. Ando, Dr. Adam Z. Weitemier)
We had two student presentations. During the discussion session, several high school students asked some questions. They experienced university-style lectures that the students actively joined and found the questions following their interests.

■ General Evolutionary Biology(by Dr. Adam Cronin)
Because the whole lesson was English, some high school students seemed to be difficult to ask questions and state their opinions. However, participating in a class along with actual undergraduate students, they could feel how the atmosphere was like in university classes.

■ General Physiology (by Dr. K. Ando)
During the discussion time in the class, high school students actively discussed with each other.
The class was a university class and all in English, but they tried to understand it.