Biology and Art - August

This month’s contribution comes from Yoshimi, a 3rd year undergraduate student interested in cell biology, basketball and English.

12 August UNESCO - International Youth Day

For young Japanese, the number 20 marks a day when we celebrate the Coming of Age Day, but from 2024, that celebration will only be for 18-year-old people. Is that a good change? As a student, I feel that the older we are, the faster we lose our dreams and hopes. However, in biology, cells are constantly growing. They proliferate and are the basic building blocks of all organisms. Many cells create a human. At TMU, we are always young because we study, make friends, enjoy club activities, and speak English. Love life, like biology, enjoy youth!
日本の若者にとって、20という数字は成人の日を祝う日ですが、2024年からそのお祝いは18歳の人だけになります。これは良い変化だと思いますか。私は一人の学生として、私たちは年齢が上がるほど、夢や希望を失うスピードが速くなるように感じます。しかし、生物学の世界では、細胞は常に成長しています。増殖し、すべての生物の基本的な構成要素となっています。多くの細胞が人間を作ります。都立大では、勉強し、友達を作り、部活を楽しみ、英語を話すので、私たちは常に若いです。Love life, like biology, enjoy youth!

The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English.
Therefore, Yoshimi’s haiku for this month is:

We live, love, don’t care
Impermanence measures time
The silent killer

WORDS to learn this month are:
Coming of Age Day (成人の日), proliferation (増殖)/to proliferate (増殖する), the basic building blocks of all organisms (全ての生物の基本的な構成要素), impermanence (無常).