Biology and Art - September

This month’s contribution comes from Yujiro, a 2nd-year undergraduate student interested in human social behaviors studied in various disciplines. He is fascinated by exploring the basic mechanisms of human interactions and wants to know how science can explain them.

28 September UNESCO - International Day for the Universal Access to Information

The notion of “data” is a fundamental concept of how we obtain information in science and the world. Therefore, it is possible to uncover hidden relationships using advanced IT and algorithms. However, there are traps to beware of, and scientists must tackle unknown difficulties. Needless to say, dealing with information cannot be done without data, so we must process it carefully and choose what we want from that tremendous volume. All in all, from collecting data to using it, the availability of the information should be maximized. In this way, our civilization on this beautiful planet will develop further and further sustainably.

The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English.
Therefore, Yujiro’s haiku for this month is:

Process the data,
make them friendly for all cuz
to know is to live.



WORDS to learn this month are:
social behavior (社会的行動), to be fascinated by (〜に魅了される), notion (概念), to obtain (入手する), traps to beware of (用心すべき落とし穴), to tackle (〜に取り組む), needless to say (言うまでもなく), tremendous (膨大な), all in all (概して), civilization (文明)