Biology and Art - October 2023

This month’s contribution comes from Yuzu Mori, a first-year undergraduate student interested in archery and environmental destruction.

2 October UNESCO – World Habitat Day

Habitats are essential because species diversity keeps the human population alive on planet Earth. However, we are destroying the environment faster than nature can regenerate. Therefore, we should strive to protect wildlife in all its forms: deserts, forests, grasslands, wetlands, marine, and others. Let’s study science and learn more about our exquisite planet. Biology can explain, logically and practically, the ways our planet functions.


The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English.
Therefore, Yuzu’s haiku for this month is:

habitats are killed
faster than they can revive
keep nature alive


WORDS to learn this month are: habitats - 生息地, species diversity - 種の多様性, to regenerate - 再生する, grasslands - 草原, wetlands - 湿地, exquisite - 絶妙な