Biology and Art - June 2024


This month’s contribution comes from Yujiro Kisu, a fourth-year undergraduate student interested in researching how human collaborative behaviors respond to abstract thinking.

17 June UNESCO – World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Imagine you have to live without water; it looks devastating, doesn’t it? We need water to drink, cook, wash, and many other things. Besides, more than half of the human body is water. In Japan or other tropical Asian regions, we hardly experience dryness of the earth. Looking around the world, however, we see that humans and ecosystems suffer because we natural resources without replenishing them. That is why June 17th is for all of us to recall the current drying-out world and appreciate our fertile lands. What is more, it is we who combat the ongoing desertification and drought that are caused by... ourselves.


The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English. ルールは簡単。五・七・五、季語はなくてもよいけれど、生物学かその月の話題に関連した句であること、そして英語で詠むことです。Therefore, Yujiro’s haiku for this month is:
listen to the soil
crying with no tears showing -
solution is us


WORDS to learn this month are: collective behavior - 集団行動, abstract thinking - 抽象思考, to replenish - 補充する, desertification - 砂漠化, to combat - 戦うために