「IELTS」 for all undergraduate/graduate students

(1)May21,(2)May28;12:00-13:00(Zoom guidance)

contact :eliedutm@tmu.ac.jp (Elizabeth Zielinska)

IELTS course

Course Description

Studying Biology in English, meeting overseas colleagues, presenting at the conferences, or 
publishing requires using scientific English expressions. However, in day-to-day life situations, 
we just talk about anything and everything. IELTS (International English Language Testing 
System) can prepare you to be fluent in both parts. 

Course format:

There are two modules Academic and General Training. At TMU, we will study the Academic 
IELTS. The test requires you to listen to English speakers discussing science-related topics, 
reading popular scientific articles, writing in academic mode, and speaking about life.   The introductory seminar will be scheduled in May 5/21 and 5/28.
That day we will meet online, and I will explain the essential parts of the exam and how to study 
for the test. After that, the sessions will be conducted online face-to-face with the teacher for 
speaking and writing, and as group sessions for listening and reading. Also, you will be invited 
to study in small groups and by yourself using the materials available in the English Art 
Laboratory (8-324) and online.  

Class schedule:

Most of the private sessions will be by appointment, and the announcements will be made for the 
group sessions. The details will be explained in the inaugural lecture. 
Contact: on-campus Room 8-324, by email: eliedutm@tmu.ac.jp, or using Zoom The office hours are: Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 – 17:00