Biology and Art - November 2023

10 November UNESCO – World Science Day for Peace and Development

Science is a powerful source of inspiration for world peace and development. Through the pursuit of knowledge, nations can participate in global challenges, such as climate change, pandemics, and resource scarcity. University research helps international cooperation, breaks down cultural and political barriers, promotes understanding. In addition, innovations in science and technology lead to economic growth, improved living standards, and enhanced healthcare. Embracing the principles of scientific inquiry encourages critical thinking, tolerance, and the exchange of ideas, which are essential for creating peace and sustainable development.


The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English.
ルールは簡単。五・七・五、季語はなくてもよいけれど、生物学かその月の話題に関連した句であること、そして英語で詠むことです。Therefore, the haiku for this month is:

World Science Day starts,
knowledge unites hearts and minds,
peace through understanding.


WORDS to learn this month are:
source of inspiration - インスピレーションの源, pursuit - 追求, resource scarcity - 資源不足, economic growth - 経済成長, to embrace - 受け入れる, sustainable development - 持続可能な開発