Biology and Art - December 2023

This month's contribution comes from a Nepali Master's student, Kiran Thapa Magar, who is studying the Taxonomy of Animals. Kiran is interested in mountain hiking and nature photography.

[11th December - International Mountain Day 2023]
Mountain regions host approximately half of the world's biodiversity hotspots. They are of great importance to flora and fauna, but these regions suffer from climate change impacts and unsustainable development activities. Glacier-covered mountain regions show clear examples of climate change, including Nepal's Mount Everest. In addition, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that up to 84% of endemic mountain species are at risk of extinction. Therefore, let's celebrate "International Mountain Day 2023" to increase awareness about mountain ecosystems' importance and to promote nature-based solutions to reduce extinction threats.


Everest's snow melts
creation is in peril.
Save before it's gone.


Difficult words
approximately - およそ, biodiversity hotspots - 生物多様性ホットスポット, flora and fauna - 動植物相, to suffer - 苦しむ, unsustainable development activities - 持続不可能な開発活動, glacier - 氷河, intergovernmental - 政府間, endemic species - 固有種, extinction - 絶滅, to increase awareness - 意識を高める, ecosystems - 生態系