Multilingual Approach to Studying Biology

We held "Multilingual approach to studying biology" online on March 16. Connecting five sites, TMU, University of Tokyo, New York, California, and Massachusetts, active talks and discussions were done. Especially in the talk of Mr. Sasaki, who graduated from TMU and studies Liberal Arts in California, our undergraduate students showed a lot of interests because he is close to them in age.

There was some audience from high schools, too. How was our symposium?
We are happy if they could feel the actual atmosphere of the university's class.

Below are some of the comments from our undergraduate students.

-It was a great opportunity to learn more about studying in English and entering a university abroad. I was especially interested in what Mr. Sasaki, who is close to my age, talked.

-I took the plunge to participate as a panelist, despite my considerable lack of English conversation skills. It was a good opportunity and motivated me to start studying English.

-First of all, I was elated to hear English spoken by native professors. I have not been capable of being exposed to native English due to the coronavirus pandemic, especially during the second semester; therefore, this opportunity was literally valuable and I was full of the joys of spring.
By partaking in the discussion as a panelist, I could figure out what I should do during the bachelor’s degree. My plans were still up in the air when it comes to the future carrier. However, the input from other older panelists and the professors helped me to decide what I need to accomplish in the following years with learning biology in English. This symposium made me to reconfirm that I have to keep plugging away at studying both biology and English. I highly appreciate this opportunity.

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