Biology and Art-April 2024


This month’s message is about the importance of celebrating life on our planet.

22 April UNESCO – Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day is very important. It reminds us of the significance of our planet’s health and sustainability when facing many environmental challenges. Earth Day festivals encourage people, communities, and governments to adopt more sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and protecting natural habitats. By participating in Earth Day activities, we raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire others to join the effort towards a greener future. Celebrating Earth Day teaches us to care for the planet now and in the future.


The rules are simple: 5-7-5, there is no seasonal reference word (a kigo), but your poem must relate to either biology or the topic of the month, and you are writing in English. ルールは簡単。五・七・五、季語はなくてもよいけれど、生物学かその月の話題に関連した句であること、そして英語で詠むことです。Therefore, this month’s haiku for this month is:
Green leaves whispering,
Earth Day joy in the air,
Nature's celebration.


WORDS to learn this month are: to remind - 思い出させる, significance - 意義, sustainability - 持続可能性, to face something - 何かに立ち向かう, environmental challenges - 環境への挑戦, to encourage - 奨励する, to adopt more sustainable practices - より持続可能な慣行を採用する, habitat - 生息地, to raise awareness about something - 何かについて意識を高める